Vikas Solegaonkar

Thane, Maharahtra, India


Technical Blogs

Notes & Tutorials

I enjoy learning and mastering newer and newer technologies that provide direction to the world. The IT industry provides a great opportunity to explore new technologies. Also a master of legacy technologies that continue to be the basis of all development. Over the years of experience, successfully implemented various projects that required expertise in these technologies. Always eager to learn more and do more.

Here are my notes as I learnt and worked on various technologies.


Projects on Github

I have developed many applications for fun and learning. You can check them out on my Github repository.


Candid Clicks

Some of my clicks

I enjoy a lot of my time being outdoors. Photography is my passion. I often spend weekends, trekking with my camera. You can see some of my clicks here. There is a lot more to Photography than just clicking. It is a lot more important to understand good compositions and lighting. One should understand the DSLR to use it properly. I have included some of my notes that I gather as I continue to learn photography.

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